CLang or GCC?

Recently Mac users have been reporting a lot of new warnings while compiling the Bio++ code. Apparently they switched from GCC to CLang as a default compiler. Since the time I moved from Windows and Borland, I had never even considered using another compiler than GCC, but to be honest, at the time of today, I have to admit that CLang compares impressively well to GCC: additional warnings do make a lot of sense and helped me find hidden bugs in the code, and are often more explicit than their GC counterparts. So why not giving it a try?

Switching compiler in Ubuntu appears to be as easy as

sudo apt-get install clang
sudo update-alternatives --config c++

And there you go! I did not have to change anything in my makefiles to start compiling with CLang instead of GCC. the only exception is that I still cannot compile with static linkage…